About us

The farm Ölvaldsstaðir is located about 7 kilometers north of Borgarnes.

On the farm we have 60 horses who yield about 4 foals a year. About 30 of these horses are either for rent or used by our riding school and can be used by everyone, from beginners to champions. We also have about 100 sheep and some pets.

The owner Guðrún has lived here since 1980 and has worked as a riding instructor since 1972 with specialised education in teaching disabled people how to ride.

In 2008 the farm built a riding hall with special consideration for disabled people and gives everyone the opportunity to ride.
The riding hall is mainly used before any excursion to allow people to find their balance before heading into nature.

Along with Guðrún her daughter Þórdís lives here with her husband Gísli. Gúðrun is originally from Ferjukoti which was, at one point, the biggest salmon fishing place in Iceland.

Along with the hores rental her daughter Þórdis breaks in horses and heads up the training. She received her bachleor in horsemanship and teaching in 2016.